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The absurdity of X, Y, R, G and B

The Frustrating Magical Aspect – why’s great take on the absurdity of the tools we use to put interesting shapes and colors on our screens. Here’s to hoping for interesting abstractions that are somewhere between rigorously pushing pixels and randomly drawing shapes until something neat pops out.


People are making cool stuff

This morning I followed a link that _why shared with us, a lo-fi guitar pedal built around an Arduiono. Kyle McDonald made said pedal; he also made I Eat Beats, a drum machine gizmo built with a screen, Processing, and skittles. He also published instructions for how to build a 3-D controller. From there I found a coin-slot detector, again built with an Arduino.

Moral of the story: there is a ton of cool stuff going on with Processing and Arduino. Just let the links light your path.