Manipulating windows from afar

h2. Adam’s 9th Law Of Presenting

When you connect the projector to your laptop, the menubar and windows you want to manipulate will always appear on the giant screen behind you, where you can’t see them and everyone can see how much you suck at using a computer.

Corrupted by cosmic rays

ACID Databases: Fact and Fiction

“A final note: There are other things that can go wrong, such as the disk not writing the data properly, a bit in memory being flipped by a cosmic ray, etc which only redundancy can solve. ”

There is something distinctly awesome about mentioning data loss by cosmic rays. I do it whenever I have the means.

Say it quickly

Like everyone on the internet, I’m trying this whole Flickr video thing:

90 seconds is tough, but I love the idea. Chris Griego also had a great idea about the coolness of what’s going on here:

Sweet, just like Flickr legitimized posting screenshots and illustration, videos can be marked as screencasts and animation.

Warm water makes the world go 'round

I’ve been doing “very detailed” research on the correlation between the time it takes to get hot water in public bathroom sinks and affluence. Signs point to a strong correlation between the two. Shocking, I know!

Microsoft and Austin Ventures’ buildings have almost instant hot water. Generic office buildings take a while. My bathroom at home: 60 seconds of astonishingly cold water.