👋🏼 Howdy!

I’m Adam Keys, a software developer and engineering manager. Sometimes, I’m a writer, pub quiz’er, and weight lifter. Occasionally, I’m funny or insightful.


I’m an engineering manager at Pingboard. I manage developers, lead project teams, and work hands-on to deliver those projects. I’ve built people-centric HR features. I redesigned CSV import and integration functionality. I’ve onboarded QA and support engineers. I’ve mentored interns and coached a backend development team. I’ve evolved processes and adoption of the principles in Shape Up.

Previously, at ShippingEasy, I was a senior developer on the inventory management product. I collaborated with product managers to design, ship, and support this product within the larger system.

Before that, I was a senior developer, technical manager, and architect at LivingSocial. I improved the backend systems, identity service, and architecture that powered the customer-facing deals site.

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These are computers, I know this encourages superpowers achieved from curiosity. An excellent developer understands adjacent topics and the software below his or hers in the stack. We become better problem-solvers by treating all software as knowable and following our curiosity.