Regarding the 2009 NFL playoffs

The announcers of the Pittsburgh/San Diego game went on and on about what good condition the field was in. I watched the game largely because there was snow on the ground. I *wanted* the field and weather to become part of the game. We get that so rarely in Dallas.

For some reason, I found myself hoping the Steelers would win said game. I’m not sure why; I’m chalking it up to a wacky world where the _Cardinals_ are going to the NFC championship.

If the outcomes had gone slightly different this past weekend, we could have had two interesting SuperBowl possibilities. First, Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, an all Pennsylvania match. Second, Kerry Collins vs. Kurt Warner, the geriatric match.

This is the extent to which I can write about professional sports without going into my vast conspiracy theories. One hundred words without mentioning officiating ain’t bad, right?

Golf fail

My golf game is hurting these days. Since I’ve become so familiar with my shots drifting off to the right, I figured I’d finally figure out the correct term for these sorts of shots. Thusly, an illustration to teach myself:


Handsome penance, isn’t it?

Three new rules on golf

Yesterday I decided to go off and play a little golf. Somehow, I had the most awesomest round of golf in my life. Luckily, Courtney came along and was there to document part of this now-legendary round of golf:

Me hitting the ball

Really, I promise I’m not that guy who drags his wife to the golf course every weekend. But I might turn into that guy because today I played without her, like a mere mortal. Or maybe it was that I opted to walk 18 holes in the heat.

So now I have three new golf rules:

* No more walking 18 holes in June, July or August
* That’s no drainage ditch, its a sewage ditch
* Stop thinking

So there you go. My semi-annual post about golf!