Awesome people, hacker spaces, double basses, dictionary

Brian Oberkirch is a big fan of people who are doing awesome stuff on the web. Me too! I’d add to his list: Ryan Tomayko, Greg Borenstein, Garrett Dimon, _why the lucky stiff, Jeremy Keith, Robert Hodgin, J. Chris Anderson, and Christian Neukirchen. My list, like his, is incomplete, so make your own!

A hacker’s space in Kansas is renting an underground bunker to house their activities. Recommended joke: those guys wouldn’t know a hacker’s space from a hole in the ground.

This image and story makes me want my double bass really badly. Don’t miss the story; it’s fantastic.

Pro-tip: go ahead and add refactoring to your system dictionary. You won’t thank yourself later, but you won’t curse the machine either.

Our trip to Germany in pictures

Here are four of my favorite pictures from our trip to Germany:

BMW Welt
BMW Museum

From top to bottom we’ve got the cool elevator at BMW Welt with glass doors, an old building in Munich with rather modern wings added on, a pygmy hippo at the Berlin zoo and a cool video wall at the BMW museum showing numbers that might appear as model numbers.

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