Things I’ve noticed San Franciscans deeply despise:

  • housing prices
  • nearby events that aren’t actually held in San Francisco (e.g. the Super Bowl)

Things you might hear in commercials/promotions for software and beer:

“The first 96-calorie Pilsner”
“Invented the smooth-pour top”
“Next-generation build system”
“The database that beats the CAP theorem”

American software and beer, much innovation, many hands waving. Solutioneering!

I’m going to Vegas this weekend with my wife on a real vacation where we’re going to do as little as possible. Not run around Disney World all day, not drive up and down the southern California coast. Based on this little bit of research, I can’t wait.

Three Starbucks facing each other

A chunk of paper

So I’m in rehearsals for a comedic musical. I love comedy. I’m very “meh” about musicals; I don’t know much about them. I like combining familiar and strange things, so it’s great so far. I carry a big chunk of paper around what has the lines written on it. Some of the pages are typed, some of… Continue reading A chunk of paper

Someone make me a thing that plays horn samples as my test suite runs. Every time a test or assertion finishes, toot the horn sample. A fast suite would sound like Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound (i.e. awesome), a slow one would sound like a grade school marching band (i.e. kill it with fire).

The Rite of March

INT. OFFICE: A team of enthusiastic young folk rush to get their “game changing” app ready for SXSW. A cacophony of phone calls, typing, and organizing swag. EXT. PATIO: A team of folks that have done the SXSW ritual before look at their calendar, note it’s almost the middle of March, and shrug. They go… Continue reading The Rite of March

How to Jerry Seinfeld

How Jerry Seinfeld writes a joke: Very different from how I approach it. But, I love knowing how much goes into his craft and the degree to which he is particular about how he does it.