Some language twins teach each other

SNL Transcripts: Luke Perry: 02/06/93: Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon:

That wasn’t English, Keith! I mean, you’re talking in Esperanto, or some language twins teach each other! I mean, the King’s English, man! I mean, throw us a bone man – alright!

I wanted to post a video of the Weekend Update skit where Mike Myers plays Mick Jagger and Mick Jagger plays Keith Richards, but it appears such video does not exist on the web. You’ll just have to read the transcript and make it happen in your head.

One thought on “Some language twins teach each other

  1. Also, “And a recent study indicates that cellular phone users may be more likely to develop brain tumors. The problem has gotten very little public attention, however, since most people don’t care if people who use cellular phones die.”

    So wants to return to such an age.

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