Gird your greyscales

Wherein I give you lots of concrete

Logan Hicks has some really great subterranean photography going on. (Via Infrastructurist)

And if you like that, you’d probably also like some Russian submarines, their interiors, and their underground bases.

While we’re dwelling on intriguing/depressing concrete structures: one dude’s home built into a former missile silo and the Oak Ridge plant where the materials for the Manhattan Project were refined.

Eye candy for everyone

Wherein you should look at pretty things

Scaling and scale models. So much great imagery here, you’re just going to have to click the link and check it out. Sculpture not your thing? Try Round trip with Endeavor, the space shuttle hitching a ride on the back of a 747. Then there’s the always great Feltron Annual Report. The paper prototype for Shaun Inman’s homebrew Wii game is also awesome. If you’re still unimpressed, Punch card is pretty clever.

Awesome people, hacker spaces, double basses, dictionary

Wherein we look at awesome people, bunkers, vintage photos and hack our system dictionary

Brian Oberkirch is a big fan of people who are doing awesome stuff on the web. Me too! I’d add to his list: Ryan Tomayko, Greg Borenstein, Garrett Dimon, _why the lucky stiff, Jeremy Keith, Robert Hodgin, J. Chris Anderson, and Christian Neukirchen. My list, like his, is incomplete, so make your own!

A hacker’s space in Kansas is renting an underground bunker to house their activities. Recommended joke: those guys wouldn’t know a hacker’s space from a hole in the ground.

This image and story makes me want my double bass really badly. Don’t miss the story; it’s fantastic.

Pro-tip: go ahead and add refactoring to your system dictionary. You won’t thank yourself later, but you won’t curse the machine either.